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Welcome developers!

Digitization, automation and streamlined processes are focus areas at Landshypotek Bank. Therefore, we are excited to start making our APIs publicly available in order to support the concept of Open Banking. The starting point will be PSD2. Here, in our Developer Portal, you will find all the relevant information about our APIs, both current and upcoming versions. The site also provides technical documentation, information about restrictions, test profiles, security and authorization. By signing up, you will get access to our Sandbox environment in which APIs can be tested using a web-based interface.

Our API Products

We group our API methods into Products. The first Product released is PSD2, containing all the API methods applicable to Landshypotek Banks implementation of the PSD2 Directive.

Signing up

By signing up as a developer, you will get access to our Sandbox environment where you'll find technical documentation of our APIs, complete with a web-based test console and the option of downloading your own copy of a Swagger-file.


The glossary below offers explanations for recurring terms in this documentation.



Access Token

A token which is retrieved by the Client after a successful Access Authorization flow. The Access Token is then passed on by the Client every time an API method is called.

API Product

This term describes a set of API methods connected to a particular business process or a function group. Access to an API Product may be restricted and require permission to access.


The term Client refers to the consumer of the API. Commonly a (web) application or a smartphone app, the Client needs proper authentication and valid parameters to receive the information requested from a particular API request.

Landshypotek Open Banking

The term Landshypotek Open Banking refers to how Landshypotek Bank embraces the concept of open banking and facilitates developers and users of our APIs with information, both financial and technical. Encapsulated in the concept of Landshypotek Open Banking are the people supporting the process as well as the entire system landscape including an API platform, the Developer Portal, documentation and the Sandbox.

Not to be confused with the Open Banking Standard.


The Sandbox is an environment where registered developers can test and submit API requests and get realistic responses that reflect how the API behaves in the production environment. The Sandbox interface is generated using a Swagger-file that defines each API method, it’s parameters, response codes and a general description.

To access the Sandbox, you first need to sign up as a developer.

About Landshypotek

We are a small bank with a vital mission — to promote a richer life countrywide. This was our vision in 1836 and it is our vision today. While other banks focus on the major cities and their prevailing economic conditions — we lift our gaze beyond Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. We want to give everyone in Sweden opportunities to live a richer life. Landshypotek Bank is owned by 40,000 farmers and foresters across the country and our surplus is reinvested in their operations. But we are not here solely for farmers and foresters. Loans are offered to homeowners across the country and savings are open to the Swedish general public and companies.

Maintenance information

We regularly perform maintenance on our servers to keep them up to date with the most recent security patches and OS updates. This may from time to time briefly affect the availability of our online services, including our online banking platform, the APIs and occasionally (but less frequently) the Sandbox environment.


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