• Working for a richer countryside
  • Working for a richer countryside
  • Working for a richer countryside

For a richer life countrywide

Landshypotek Bank wants to promote a richer life countrywide. While other banks focus on the major cities and their prevailing economic conditions — we lift our gaze beyond Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We want to give everyone in Sweden opportunities to live a richer life. We want the Swedish countryside to continue to develop. This is our vision today. We have promoted and believed in this vision since 1836. Landshypotek Bank is owned by 40,000 farmers and foresters across the country and our surplus is reinvested in their operations. Over the years, we have financed hundreds of thousands of investments in a living and sustainable countryside — in open landscapes, wellkept forests and locally produced food. But we are not here solely for farmers and foresters. Loans are offered to farmers and foresters, and homeowners across the country. Savings are open to the Swedish general public and companies. Together with our customers, the bank generates growth in Sweden. We are a small bank with a vital mission — to promote a richer life countrywide.

Investor Relations

Financial reports, analysis and a description of our loan product offering to those that are looking to make an investment in the development of the countryside. 

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