Social responsibility

Being a sustainable bank requires social responsibility. Landshypotek Bank makes it possible to live outside of the major cities — both now and in the future. Commitment to employees and a societal role are also important aspects of being a socially sustainable operator.

Long-term customer relationships

The bank’s customer relationships are often longstanding and frequently span several generations. It takes close to 80 years for a forest to grow to maturity, which means that what our customers plant today will be harvested by future generations. At some point in their lifetime, our customers implement a generation shift and it is important for the bank to assist and be there for our customers during these events. Through longstanding relationships, we can identify the potential, as well as the need, for successful ownership handovers.


As a bank, our employees are among our foremost assets. The bank has offices across the country to be near to our customers and to maintain and expand local awareness, which is critical for responsible credit granting and long-term customer relationships. This also creates possibilities for the bank’s employees to live outside of the cities. As an employer, the bank is guided by the employeeship values: Customer-centric focus, Drive, Enthusiasm and Together. The bank’s basic position is that all people are of equal value and no one should suffer discrimination on the basis of ethnic background, religion, physical or mental disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason. Different experience is viewed as an asset and we recruit based on competence. 

Societal role and collaboration

To promote skills development in agriculture and forestry, the bank and the association signed a collaboration agreement with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Through this partnership, the parties have initiated the establishment of a national centre of expertise for company management. The bank is also a member of Partnership Alnarp, which has an overall aim of promoting sustainable development in the agriculture, forestry and horticulture sectors through knowledge development. The activities are conducted in collaboration with SLU Alnarp, industry and public agencies. Moreover, the bank collaborates with, inter alia, SLU Ultuna, Jordägarförbundet (Swedish landowners’ association), Spannmålsodlarnas riksförbund (national association of cereal crop growers), Grisföretagarna (national association of pig farmers) and Mjölkföretagarna (national association of dairy farmers) to actively participate in developing agriculture and forestry.

The association is a member organisation of the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and the bank is tasked with lobbying for debate to support and drive initiatives and issues close to the hearts of the bank’s customers, and to enable a living countryside.

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